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YachtMaster Black Bezel Black Dial Two-Tone Yellow Case & Black Rubber Strap - NH35 Automatic Movement

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Introducing the Lux Yachtmaster, a precision-engineered diver's watch featuring the NH35 automatic movement. Crafted for underwater exploration, this exceptional timepiece prioritizes robust functionality.

**Key Features:**

1. **Diver's Essential:** Tailored as a dedicated diver's watch, the Lux Yachtmaster prioritizes functionality for enthusiasts seeking a reliable timepiece beneath the waves.

2. **NH35 Automatic Movement:** Powered by the dependable NH35 automatic movement, this watch ensures accurate timekeeping with a continuous, self-sustaining performance, ideal for diving adventures.

3. **Customizable Bezel:** Express your style with various bezel options, allowing you to personalize the watch according to your preferences, whether it's a bold color or a classic design.

4. **Adjustable Rubber Strap:** Opt for the comfortable and versatile rubber strap option, providing an alternative choice for those who prioritize flexibility and ease during their diving experiences.

5. **Sleek Underwater Design:** The Lux Yachtmaster maintains a sleek and purposeful design, making it an ideal companion for underwater exploration while retaining an elegant aesthetic.

6. **Water-Resistant:** Engineered with a notable water resistance rating, this diver's watch is built to withstand the pressures of underwater environments, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions.

7. **Personalized Dive Style:** Make a statement with a diver's watch that aligns with your individual style. The Lux Yachtmaster offers a seamless blend of functionality and diver's fashion, making it a timeless addition to your collection.

Whether you're exploring the depths of the ocean or making a distinctive statement with your diver's watch, the Lux Yachtmaster is meticulously designed to meet the demands of your underwater adventures. Embrace the spirit of exploration with this exceptional timepiece.

YachtMaster Black Bezel Black Dial Two-Tone Yellow Case & Black Rubber Strap - NH35 Automatic Movement